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Phishing attacks: defending your organisation

This paper proposes a multi-layered approach to defending your organisation against phishing attacks, condensed into four layers. At each layer, the authors recommend tactical interventions to help organisations achieve this multi-layered security.   Read full...

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Revitalizing privacy and trust in a data-driven world

This report summarises key findings from ‘The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018’, which surveyed 9,500 global C-suite executives and directors about their organisation’s security practises. The report identifies and expands on nine data privacy and...

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Navigating the new cybersecurity threat landscape

This report is designed to educate and inform organisations on the cyber threat landscape. It explores what to consider when disaster strikes and explains the importance of people and partnerships.   Read full paper    ...

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Deep Thought: A Cybersecurity Story

ideas42 aims to help solve difficult social problems using insights from behavioural science. In this instance, the problem in question is the human aspect of cyber security. The paper applies psychology and behavioural science principles to common cyber security...

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Embedding Security Behaviours: using the 5Es

This framework is designed to help embed and sustain security behaviours in employees. The framework is condensed into 5Es (Educate, Enable, Environment, Encourage, Evaluate) and explains how to implement these using examples and tactical interventions.   Read...

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How to Launch a Behavior-Change Revolution

A team spear-headed by University of Pennsylvania researchers have launched an ambitious research project called Behavior Change for Good. The project will attempt to determine the best behavioural-change practices in three areas: health, education and personal...

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The Definitive Fraud Encyclopedia

This unique guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to commit fraud. From buying the correct hardware and software, to spoofing the personal details of your victims, to actually using stolen cards effectively. Originally published by an anonymous individual...

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The Human Factor in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

A Research Agenda publication aiming to stimulate research on the human factor in cyber crime and cyber security. This book offers examples of unanswered research questions and methods and datasets that could be used for future studies.   Read full paper  ...

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Securing the digital enterprise

This report looks at the practical steps organisations typically go through on their journey towards managing cyber risk. It identifies five stages during the ‘cyber-maturity journey’ during which organisations are likely to encounter problems. Finally, it offers a...

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